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SEI Wealth Platform training and accreditation for clients

We provide two types of training programs for employees of clients that are either implementing the SEI Wealth PlatformSM or are already live on the Platform: Training and Accreditation. 

The SEI Wealth Platform Training Program

We understand the importance of preparing our clients for doing business on the SEI Wealth Platform. We train our clients’ employees as a core part of the implementation. 

Training is roles-based, matching our training to your firm structure and user roles. The program is self-administered e-learning blended with more traditional classroom training that includes hands-on, real world work exercises.

Blended learning Asynchronous eLearning Reference documents Videos Simulations Synchronous Workshops Virtual classroom Live classroom

The SEI Wealth Platform Accreditation Program

Technology evolves constantly, and the SEI Wealth Platform is no exception. You want subject matter experts onsite to help onboard new people and address questions as they come up. Our time-tested training tools enable firms to hold key personnel to a higher level of proficiency.

Our tracked, measured curriculum is for key resources and other subject matter experts who are responsible for training others, formally or informally. It can also be leveraged to train employees new to the firm and/or to their role. 

We offer proactive training materials via multiple training methods, because everyone learns differently. 

SEI Wealth Platform Accreditation Program Curricula

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