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Corporate governance

The business and affairs of SEI are conducted by its management and employees under the direction of the Board of Directors of SEI. In fulfilling its duties, the Board and its committees oversee the corporate governance of SEI, oversee and advise management in developing financial and business goals, oversee public disclosures and the processes behind them, and evaluate management's performance in pursuing and achieving those goals.

Codes of conduct

The reputation and integrity of SEI and our subsidiaries are valuable assets that are vital to SEI's success and its relationships with investors and other stakeholders. Each employee of the Company, including each of the Company’s directors and officers, is responsible for conducting the Company’s business in a manner that demonstrates a commitment to the highest standards of integrity. To that end, the Board has adopted various codes of conduct.

SEI also seeks to create an open and transparent atmosphere in which employees and other stakeholders of SEI may report conduct which violates our Code of Conduct, as well as voice concerns regarding accounting and auditing matters without fear of retaliation. The procedure for reporting violations is contained in our Complaint Procedures and Non-Retaliation Policy.

Our Code of Conduct

We maintain the highest business ethics and standards. Our Code of Conduct embodies the values that we hold most important.