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As one of the leading providers of CITs and pooled investment products, we offer a comprehensive solution that provides all the required trustee, investment management, accounting, administration, transfer agent and plan-level services for a successful CIT. 

Trustee services 

As the trustee of the CIT, SEI Trust Company provides management, oversight and administration services to ensure each trust is operating in a manner consistent with the established Declaration of Trust and in compliance with all legal and regulatory authority. 

SEI Trust Company also provides exceptional client service to its investors and their related service providers via its team of Trust Officers. Each CIT is assigned a Trust Officer that is experienced in, and solely focused on, CITs. The Trust Officer takes ownership and assumes responsibility of all aspects of the CIT, and therefore, all activities and events are coordinated and supervised by the Trust Officer to ensure a knowledgeable professional is constantly safeguarding the CIT and its investors.

Transfer agency 

CITs and mutual funds are similar in a number of ways, and utilizing a transfer agent who has the ability and expertise to process both types of funds can result in additional value and savings. Our best-of-class technology platform integrates a transfer agent who is an authorized NSCC participant, making it easy for TPAs to trade CITs via the same platform as mutual funds. This in turn creates efficiencies for the transfer agent, TPAs and, ultimately, our clients. 

Investment management and oversight 

Having an effective Investment Management and Oversight Program is critical to long-term success and can often be a competitive advantage. We understand the importance of a strong oversight foundation and we take the job of managing the CITs compliance very seriously. 

Legal and compliance oversight 

STC annually approves a policy on compliance management that establishes standardized policies, procedures, training, monitoring, risk assessments and reporting requirements for STC personnel. Corporate Compliance Officers support STC’s Compliance Officer by providing subject matter expertise in Anti-Money Laundering and Privacy / Identity Theft. 

Accounting and administration

We've been a leading provider of mutual fund services for over three decades and we've been an outsourcing partner in the CIT industry for over two decades. This puts us in a unique position to intimately understand the distinct needs of CITs and to consequently leverage the expertise, technology and infrastructure we have built through our mutual fund solutions.

Distribution channels 

Our comprehensive distribution solution provides our advisors insight into the competitive defined benefit and defined contribution environments through market intelligence, platform management, and best practices. Our experienced team can assist in navigating the retirement and record keeping environment to help streamline the agreement process and on-board the CITs in a timely manner.

Working with us  

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Legal Note

Disclaimer: SEI Trust Company (“STC”) is a non-depository trust company chartered under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which provides trustee, custodial, operational and administrative services to various collective investment trusts. STC was formed in June 1989, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SEI Investments Company and is regulated and examined by the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities. The Trustee shall offer interests in each Trust only to parties who are eligible investors in a collective investment trust pursuant to applicable law, including, but not limited to, the applicable provisions of the Securities Act of 1933, the Investment Company Act of 1940 and the Pennsylvania Banking Code of 1965, as well as the terms of the offering documents for each specific Trust.