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About SEI Trust Company

SEI Trust Company (“STC”) is a non-depository trust company chartered under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that provides trust and administrative services for various collective investment trusts. STC was formed in June 1989, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SEI Investments Company (NASDAQ: SEIC), and is regulated and examined by the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities. 

SEI Trust Company’s sole business line is the servicing of collective investment trusts (CITs). STC has a network of strong relationships with advisors, distributors and other service providers that enable it to offer flexible products that can be marketed to the U.S. retirement plan market. STC provides trustee, accounting, valuation, administrative and fiduciary services, including investment management for the CITs. STC utilizes the services of various investment advisors, sub-advisors and providers of accounting and administrative services (including affiliates) in connection with its responsibilities for maintaining CITs.

STC is an ERISA fiduciary for all assets invested in a CIT, acts as an “investment manager” under Section 3(38) of ERISA and handles fiduciary oversight of investments and administration. STC is responsible for all investment decisions in a CIT. STC performs initial, quarterly and annual due diligence on investment advisors and sub-advisors that includes a review of the following: investment philosophy and process, policies and procedures, business continuity, organizational structure, compliance, Form ADV disclosure and advisor litigation. The administrative oversight includes daily review of activities on an advisor, CIT, plan and regulatory level.

STC has an experienced team across all disciplines to support the CIT business. STC is organized as an administrative team and an investment team that oversee the outsourced sales, distribution and operations of STC. STC employees perform their responsibilities under the oversight of STC’s Board of Directors and four committees: Audit Committee of the Board, Trust New Business Review Committee, Trust Investment Committee and Trust Operations Committee.

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