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Decades ago, financial advice was all about the what: recommending investment products. Today, it’s about helping people connect how they invest to why they invest.

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It's time for more comprehensive support and a more complete experience for independent advisors and their clients. It's recognizing that what you do is about more than financial advice. It's about powering confident decisions. We call this Advice Plus, and we're committed to helping you deliver it because our mission is to advocate for the value of independent advice and to connect you to what matters most. You deliver the advice, we connect you to the Plus. 

Whether it's a unified tech stack, flexible outcome-oriented investments, actionable practice management, or safety center custody services, we help you deliver more. Advice Plus is more because it helps you power wealth, build community, and help protect futures for yourself and for your clients. Advice Plus is you at your very best. It's your clients at their best. 

of financial advisors report spending a significant portion of their time - more than a quarter - discussing nonfinancial topics with clients.¹
of investors who receive behavioral coaching from their financial advisor potentially realize as much as 1.5% in excess returns.²
of an advisor's time is actually spent on client-facing activities.³

¹ Beyond Finances: Holistic life planning trends among advisors, InvestmentNews, 2020. ² “Putting a value on your value: Quantifying Vanguard Advisor’s Alpha,” Vanguard, February 2019. ³ Cerulli, U.S. Advisor Metrics, 2021

While the demand for objective financial advice has grown, the resources required to support independent financial advisors has not always kept pace. Until now. 

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