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Investment book of record construction for institutional investors

For most investment operations teams, IBOR maintenance includes a tiresome amount of manual labor and error-prone workflows.

Given the IBOR’s foundational role in investment decision-making, firms need to be confident in the accuracy and consistency of their book. 

SEI helps investors construct their IBORs in a manner that cuts through the mess of documents and unstructured data. With a digitally native IBOR, investors can view data across all asset classes and all investments, harmoniously in a single place. 

Any Investment Book of Record is comprised of transaction data and manager data, and then enriched with market data. Whether you’re tracking commitments, chasing manager statements, or downloading benchmark returns, your IBOR construction can be fully outsourced through managed data services or operated in-house with data enablement. 

 Managed data servicesData enablement
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Manager dataXX
Market data X

Our data capabilities include

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