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Data enablement for institutional investment offices

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SEI Novus℠ Intelligent Document Processing technology digitizes raw data in a timely manner to continually update your portfolio. Our software uses optical character recognition (OCR) to extract and digitize information, then, natural language processing and machine learning properly map and structure the data. With the latest portfolio data at your fingertips, your investment team can extract insights to make more informed investment decisions. 

Maintaining a reconciled view of all investments at any given point in time requires a dynamic process sustained by state-of-the-art technology. SEI Novus’ enhanced shadow accounting technology constructs a digital investment book of record that your investment team can edit in a single click using our software.

Portfolio data

Complete control over your portfolio data

With SEI Novus you can also:

  • Upload your own funds or portfolios
  • Upload custom benchmarks or make blends of benchmarks
  • Create tags and tagging structures
  • Model liquidity and cashflow
  • Stress test risk scenarios 
  • Input performance estimates 
Standing out boldly against a white background, a large red ball towers over a dozen or so smaller gray and white balls. All the balls are thoughtfully placed on a set of white steps.

How institutional investors use AI for intelligent document processing

Learn how all the buzzwords (OCR, NLP, ML) can transform your data processing workflows for private investments on our blog.

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