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Next-generation OCIO: Newcomers have some catching up to do

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There’s no question that the OCIO model is popular among institutional investors. But in a crowded marketplace with many new providers and start-ups, it's important for an OCIO to deliver what you expect and go beyond.

What it takes to stand out

We all agree, being competitive when it comes to fees and performance is critical. But our well-established approach, refined over 25 years, means we deliver additional features our OCIO clients truly value in their providers. It's the things that take an OCIO program to the next level.


Your OCIO provider should complement your existing governance structure for true flexibility.

Advanced risk monitoring

As markets become increasingly volatile, you need to understand your risk and avoid uncompensated risk. Next-gen OCIOs make significant investments in research tools and technology, so they can closely monitor portfolio risk and model outcomes of various portfolios decisions before you even make them.

Leading public markets and alternatives managers at potentially better fees

An OCIO that can leverage its buying power, industry reputation and network of relationships has access to some of the most talented specialist managers at potentially very favorable fees. If your OCIO doesn't have that, you may be missing out on important benefits like access to leading public markets and alternative managers.

That kind of power is what allows the most valued OCIOs to identify a manager with a desired skillset, and tap the firm to manage assets in other investment products or other parts of the world—giving you a world-class implementation of a custom portfolio.

True flexibility

Your OCIO should complement your existing governance structure. That means offering flexibility in terms of the managers in your portfolio, the level of discretion provided, and the investment vehicles available, including mutual funds, collective trusts or separate accounts.

A commitment to education

An educated investment committee and staff make better overall decisions. That’s why we host educational conferences and webinars, and bring specialty experts and resources to clients as frequently as you like. And our e-newsletters and weekly, monthly, and quarterly investment commentaries help you stay on top of market and industry training and topics. All of this is included in our OCIO program. 

Support for committee and staff

Outsourcing relieves internal staff of daily tasks so they can focus on more strategic priorities. Does your OCIO program go beyond investment management? We take much of the heavy lifting off your plates, with integrated reporting, custom video recordings, donor/participant education and marketing support. It’s this kind of service that will truly bring efficiencies to your organization.

A long history of giving

We’re an organization that gives back to our community. The most valued OCIOs do. 

Last year, we committed $1.5 million in support of client-specific initiatives.* Our employees raise hundreds of thousands of dollars annually through SEI Cares, our employee-led philanthropic initiative. SEI Cares sustains its support of charitable giving through our employees' dedication and commitment to assisting nonprofit partners and the communities in which we work and live.

A culture that makes a difference

A collaboration-centered culture that supports individual talents can propel an OCIO forward. Our culture is a reflection of our core values. 

And when employees feel passionate about the work they do, it carries through to clients. 

Our employee-led affinity groups bring together those with shared interests and allow us to connect, take action and meaningfully impact the causes close to our hearts. 

A team that feels like your team

Ongoing client satisfaction surveys and sponsorship support are just a few extras we provide our clients throughout the year. But what really matters is the people. Our clients are supported by a team that they tell us feels like an extension of their own staff. It’s for all these reasons that we believe our OCIO program is a step above other providers in the marketplace. 

How does your provider stack up?

If you don’t already know how your provider checks any of these boxes, ask them. 

We’re constantly asking for feedback, because we like happy clients. Maybe that’s why more than 150 large institutional clients hired us prior to the financial crisis, and have remained with us since before 1/1/2008.* And our well-established approach, refined over 25 years, means we deliver additional features our OCIO clients truly value.

*As of 9/30/2022.

Information provided by SEI Investments Management Corporation (SIMC), a registered investment adviser and wholly owned subsidiary of SEI Investments Company.

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