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Future leaders in finance: Student support

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You, the students, make your school the institution it is today.

That's why we're dedicated to supporting your career goals by arming you with the resources and tools you need to be successful.

Bookmark this page to apply for internships and jobs, reference investment resources, networking support and more.

CFA Level 1 exam pass rate (Aug 2022)^

Yes, the exam is tough. But our tips and resources can help guide you to success. Challenge yourself. You've got this.

Program offerings

Direct access to hiring resources

SEI offers multiple programs to help you begin your career including our Summer Internship program, our Associate Program, and full-time jobs across multiple fields including investment management, technology, finance, accounting, marketing, and other related fields. 

Educational materials

We update our learning center created for college students interested in the finance industry with a variety of educational
materials. We will provide access to SEI commentary to help you understand current financial trends along with advice to help you
transition into the working world.

Access to business professionals

Through our learning center, take advantage of the opportunity to ask our talented employees questions regarding their career
or current economic trends. Students can submit a question for our SEI experts on a variety of investment topics. We are proud to pass our experience on to the next generation.

Invitations to events

While not all of our Future Leaders in Finance colleges are local to SEI, we will provide ways to connect either in person or virtually through annual events. 

Opportunities for students

Students visit SEI

Investment commentary

Stay up-to-date with the latest investment and economic insights.

Information provided by SEI Investments Company and its subsidiaries. Investing involves risk including possible loss of principal. ^