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Welcome to the SEI Wealth Platform. Let’s explore the experience for COOs.

We know how important it is to deeply understand and continuously improve your firm’s operational efficiency across your entire wealth management organization. Our customized dashboards give you a detailed view of the day-to-day operations across and within each functional area so you can identify opportunities, resolve issues quickly, and see progress towards overall operational goals. Make your business more efficient with a system that automatically assigns tasks and exceptions to the right people. Easily identify errors; when everything happens within a unified platform, you can see who initiated a transaction, who approved it, and where it is now. The SEI Wealth Platform is designed to seamlessly manage your global operations and supports trades across more than 100 exchanges in over 40 countries and over 40 currencies. Manage better with near real-time access to your team’s performance. Identify opportunities across your firm with net inflows and outflows, and an interface that’s customized to your business. And, understand your revenue sources with executive dashboards set up to reflect what’s most important to you.

Streamline your operations and increase your efficiency with the SEI Wealth Platform.

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