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Ledger product demo

April 26, 2023
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The next generation of shadow accounting for your Investment Book of Record (IBOR) is here, unlocking greater transparency and control over your data.

Ledger by SEI Novus℠ enhances classic shadow accounting practices in many ways:

  • Connective: Gather all your custodian and manager data into a single, digital place.
  • Workflow: Accept, reject, and modify transactions/returns/NAVs directly from the SEI Novus Platform.
  • Transparent: Audit trail, source document, and roll back time for additional review in a click. 
  • Comprehensive: Curate a full view of your entire portfolio, across all asset classes, with easy access to analytics

In this two-minute product introduction, you'll see how the interface actually looks, and how it can be used to take back control over your portfolio data.

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It's morning. It's 9:00. a.m., I got my coffee and I'm looking at my most recent transactions as the custodian has booked them for me. These are my transactions so I'm looking at one of the first ones. If I want to see the details about it, I would click on it and I would see what is being booked. This is an overview. But of course you can open the trade mask and I can see what's been credited and debited. If their transactions were new, they would be yellow in The Ledger. 

So I don't know Alex, if you can set back the approval state back to pending, everything that is fresh and it's my attention as a middle and back officer would be yellow. So that means I have to approve. Sometimes, it's a matter of oh, I knew that and you just bulk approve them all. Sometimes, you just have to review it and make sure that you are blessing what they've got.

If you reject a transaction, then the custodian is notified, they would have to resend it. And that's where the magic happens—first element of the revolution. They update their book; you update your own one. You don't have to build everything in parallel to arrive at the inside. You just do a transaction by transaction. Another feature that is interesting is the granularity of what you can book. Yes, they're subscription redemptions, but the data model is flexible. So if an asset owner says Oh, but I would love for distributions to be splitting to recall versus none. I would love for them to be also split in parallel between capital gains—sorry return on capital gains also possible. So data model can can be made flexible. And then Ken was mentioning another portion, which is the documents—the qualitative stuff, and there also, back to his great analogy about the fall, why do we need to have these things in two places? You can attach the document out of which the transaction was extracted and make it available for audit purposes and so one place that we're going to launch soon in Novus is that you're going to have an inbox attached to this one where the documents that are worthy of your attention are going to be appearing and then you can transform it into a transaction directly. For example, the capital account statement sent by your alternative manager. That would be transformed into a  transaction because you got ending allocations you got transactions in the period and you can book them all in the same mask.

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