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SEI Novus Ledger

Part of our unbundled CIO solutions, Ledger is a data operations tool that modernizes shadow accounting technology and allows institutional investors to confidently sit on a fully reconciled investment book of records.

A trusted investment book of records means timely analyses and performance projections. Using the next generation of shadow accounting, Ledger can unlock greater transparency and give you better control of your data.

  1. Establish connectivity: Ingest raw portfolio data from custodians and managers. Aggregate all sources into a single, digital location.
  2. Reconcile records: Confirm, reject, or correct the data. Alter or log new information, including transactions, returns, and NAVs.
  3. Invest with confidence: With an accurate understanding of your portfolio, you can now conduct timely analyses and performance projections.

Elevated shadow accounting workflows

Accurate: Custodian data is parallel booked within Ledger and updated daily, granting you the ability to easily make your own edits on the platform and maintain a clean dataset.

Transparent: Portfolio data is written by stacking changes, allowing for rigorous audit trails and time travel to past versions. Permissions to edit can be set individually across a team.

Comprehensive: With a reconciled view of all of your asset classes and investment types, look-through transparency is at your fingertips. Exposure, attribution, and risk are a mere click away.

DIY or outsource: Ledger can be implemented in-house, or SEI Novus can perform a light version on your behalf.

Services provided by SEI through its subsidiaries and affiliates. 

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