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Your internal investment program could be bringing unnecessary risk to your organization without realizing the potential consequences of managing data by spreadsheets. We can help your investment resources be more efficient, cost-effective, and transparent. All with a single digital tool, trusted by both institutional investors and managers that can help reduce errors.

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Blog: Investment Office Roundup

Resources focused on helping your investment office achieve improved efficiency and success. Our expert contributors address a range of topics and offer practical solutions, from implementing alternative investments and ESG to combating inefficient internal processes and data aggregation/reporting inaccuracies.

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Patrick Carlevato, CFA

Area Director, Enhanced CIO

Charles Russo

Director of Analytics, SEI Novus, part of SEI’s Enhanced CIO platform

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Investment office checkup

Are you bringing unnecessary risk and inefficiency to your internal investment program? These 10 questions can help you see how your organization stacks up.

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Resources for internal investment teams

From investment management expertise to operational efficiencies, we're on top of the trends in the marketplace.

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The data dilemma: Can your data be trusted?

Put an end to delayed and unreliable data with Ledger.

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