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What we do

Network operations

Fully managed network operations designed to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

Enhance your network operations capabilities so you can advance business priorities.

Your network operations center (NOC) is the first line of defense against a variety of potential business disruptions. The seamless operation of your network and IT systems is vital to your business survival and growth.

Our network operations have developed and matured throughout our 50+ year history. As a managed network service provider, we understand the IT challenges of highly demanding, complex businesses in the financial services industry. That's why our experienced professionals work continuously on your behalf to provide timely incident response and proactively recommend network infrastructure improvements.

Whether you operate on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid model, our services integrate seamlessly so we can remotely monitor, optimize, and report on your network operations. Let us take on the day-to-day network operations so your team can focus on strategic initiatives.

What is network operations management?

Network operations management refers to the activities performed by staff to monitor, manage, and respond to alerts on a network's availability and performance. Network operations center (NOC) is typically a centralized location where the network operations center team provides 24x7x365 supervision, monitoring, and management for an enterprise's network, databases, firewalls, and external services. 

SEI's network operations include:

  • Network monitoring – Devices, interfaces and applications are monitored around the clock for maximum availability and performance using our time-tested best practices, processes and tools. We deploy active traffic monitoring and quality of service (QoS) assessments to optimize a variety of wide area network (WAN) performance scenarios—enabling highly available networks.
  • Enterprise IT support – Our IT analysts work around the clock to quickly manage and resolve any alerts or issues on your behalf within the established SLA. Our team becomes an extension of your team providing the support you need to keep your business running smoothly.
  • Change management – ITIL processes guide the fulfillment of all requested and required changes, including changes to device and firewall configurations. From ACL and NAT rule modifications to VPN user management, our processes are designed to make the necessary changes rapidly and without incident.
  • Architecture – We perform ongoing evaluation of present and expected future load to ensure proper resources and topologies are used to facilitate business growth.
  • Network infrastructure maintenance and growth – Our staff maintains configuration and software versioning per industry best practices for your entire network infrastructure. Working with your vendor support teams, we review and stage system upgrades or patches as necessary. We also analyze network capacity metrics to ensure your infrastructure is sized appropriately and can scale for future growth. 
  • Operations reporting and analytics – Our comprehensive reporting and analytics provides transparency into your network operations. Performance, net flow traffic analysis, firewall usage and audit reporting are available to you on your schedule so you have full visibility into your network infrastructure. 

SEI network operations provide proactive support to enable your business growth.

Our enterprise network operations provide proactive support to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. We collaborate with your IT team to optimize your network, protect your infrastructure, and enforce your corporate policies. We’re the strategic partner you need operating quietly in the background so you can grow and scale your business to meet your goals. With SEI, you can maximize uptime and redeploy valuable IT resources more strategically.

Complete network management to support your business.

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