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Creating personalized proposals enables you to show clients how an investment plan could potentially look depending on their particular timeline and goals. 

We believe that the proposal is a defining moment in the advisor and client relationship.

It’s why we developed our proposal builder technologyto help you create and deliver completely personalized client proposals from start to finish, customized at every level.

For investors:

  • Individualized investment criteria and selection
  • Personalized and robust reports to understand investment progress and potential market impacts
  • Clarity around investments and fees
  • Hypothetical statement unique to client circumstances

For advisors:

  • Fully digital experience from entering client information to proposal delivery
  • Guided experience makes it easy to find and compare investment options
  • Complete only the items you want and defer those you don’t
  • Pause and save progress or assign to other team members

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We believe that technology shouldn't just create efficiencies — it should pave the way for you to have deeper relationships with clients, provide a highly personal level of service, and deliver customized solutions to help investors face the future bravely.

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Important information

Investing involves risk including possible loss of principal. There can be no assurance goals will be achieved.

It is important to consider many factors when determining an appropriate investment vehicle including, but not limited to, age, principal, risk tolerance, goals and objectives.

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