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Target date funds

The idea is straightforward: Target date funds have an asset allocation based on a given retirement date, and the allocation is professionally managed and de-risked as that date approaches.

By putting complex investment decisions in the hands of professionals, target date funds can help investors:

  • Feel less stressed about achieving retirement goals
  • Increase contribution rates
  • Achieve more consistent overall average results than non-target date investors

We take a sophisticated approach to our target date fund solution to help your plan better achieve its unique goals. You get:

  • Enhanced diversification and efficiency–via institutional asset classes with individual risk/return properties
  • Access to prestigious institutional managers–Our relationships allow for changes without participant disruption, time lags or blackout periods
  • More nimble decision-making–we take full responsibility for our investment decisions, which reduces or eliminates committee time and delays
  • Continual monitoring–Active management reflects near-term market expectations and helps identify shorter-term opportunities
  • A focus on the unique needs of your participants–Our asset allocations and glidepath are focused on lifetime income throughout accumulation and retirement years
  • Improved diversification at a potentially lower cost–Most single-manager target date funds can’t give participants the same size and scale

Information provided by SEI Investments Management Corporation (SIMC), a registered investment adviser and wholly owned subsidiary of SEI Investments Company.