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Our commitment to unions and Taft-Hartley plans

Governance processes, investment performance, and funding levels are likely your top concerns. 


As one of the largest fiduciary investment managers for Taft-Hartley plans, we understand your challenges and can help you achieve your plan goals, while saving you time and money.

We take a comprehensive approach to pension management with established governance and a multi-manager investment process that can bring efficiencies, through:

  1. Proactive advice and modeling to help you see the potential outcomes of key decisions
  2. Active discretionary management, which enables nimble changes designed to capture market opportunities
  3. Access to leading institutional investment managers at potentially favorable fees, due to our scale
  4. A dedicated team of Taft-Hartley client professionals to report on your plan progress against goals

We'll help create a custom strategy that includes:

  • Ongoing goals-based advisory support with annual asset/liability studies
  • Plan modeling
  • Multi-level risk analysis and scenario testing
  • Asset allocation recommendations based on our active view
A hand adds a block to a wood puzzle in the shape of ascending stairs, as a metaphor for potential investment performance

RFP tool: ask the right questions

Hand-select topics that are important to you, such as performance evaluation, asset allocation, or investment philosophy. We'll send the list of questions that you need to ask.

Build my RFP

Largest based on number of multi-employer clients, and/or based on multi-employer client assets under management in SEI’s OCIO program for which SEI has discretion for money manager hiring and replacement decisions on behalf of those clients. Information provided by SEI Investments Management Corporation (SIMC), a registered investment adviser and wholly owned subsidiary of SEI Investments Company.

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