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Goals-based investing in volatile markets

September 28, 2022
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The market is volatile. Luckily, we can help you stay on track.

When the market is erratic, so are investors. Mired in uncertainty and paralyzed with anxiety, you may be constantly questioning your investment strategy.

Will you be able to retire early? Retire comfortably? Or retire at all? Will you be able to maintain your lifestyle? Continue to make an impact in your community? Leave a legacy for your grandchildren? Or will all your hard work, careful saving, and wealth accumulation come to nothing?

A goals-directed investment approach can be the perfect way to mitigate volatility. By keeping your long-term goals top of mind, you’ll already be doing exactly what you should be doing during market swings. And since it looks like increased volatility is here to stay for a while, goals-directed investing can help you stay calm even when the forecast is stormy.  

Keep your eyes on the prize.

No need to worry about beating arbitrary and ever-evolving benchmarks when you’re focused on long-term goals, which you’ll identify during our specialized Discovery process. We’ll help you set priorities for each one, based on when you want to achieve them. Want to see how you’re doing overall, or for specific goals? Review your customized report any time—and remember that slow and steady wins the race.

No risky business.

You and your investment team will align your risk tolerance with each of your goals. You may be comfortable with greater risk for longer-term goals, while being more cautious in the short term. It’s a delicate, yet strategic balancing act—but one that comes with a built-in safety net: Your own vision for your future.

Allocation is everything.

You and your team will decide how to divide your wealth into individual pools designed to meet specific goals, each with their own level of acceptable risk and all managed to mitigate those risks. Most investors are focused only on their overall portfolio—but with goals-directed investing, you’ll understand that money is only the means by which you’ll achieve your vision. So there’s no need to worry about how market cycles will affect the things that matter most to you—whether it’s philanthropy, paying for a loved one’s college education, or a comfortable retirement.

Growth or stability: Why not both? 

The strategy for each of your goal-based portfolios will be guided by investment managers who seek maximum performance while mitigating risk in just about every potential market and economic cycle. You set the maximum drawdown, or amount of loss you’re comfortable with. Then, while other investors are sweating, you can be secure in the knowledge that your investment team is as focused on your comfort level, long-term goals, and timeline for achieving them as you are.

Make good choices. 

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing—particularly when market volatility has everyone on edge. You may wonder if you should be doing what everyone else is doing. You might be tempted to experiment “just a little bit,” based on an article you’ve read, or what your neighbor Bob thinks. But sound investment decisions are based on facts—not how you’re feeling that day. A goals-focused team relies on disciplined, evidence-based strategies to manage your investments and help you meet your objectives. That’s why choosing goals-directed investing is a smart move.

Tax management isn’t just relevant at the end of the year. 

It’s a long-term strategy to minimize your tax burden over a lifetime. A goals-directed approach will harvest tax losses year-round in an effort to net greater savings and keep you on track. The benefits provided by proper tax management can be even greater in a volatile market.

Comforting news worth sharing. 

It’s natural to worry when the market’s volatile. But when you choose goals-directed investing, you can be confident that your investment approach is designed to keep you, your goals, and your investments on track through every possible market and economic cycle.

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