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Cash flow and the impact of spending

Your current and anticipated spending affects the success of all your goals. That’s why you need accurate cash flow data to make sound financial decisions. But when you have a complex financial picture, it can be easy to misjudge your expenses.

In our experience, people underestimate their current spending on average by 25% and by as much as 50%.1

That may not sound like a big deal when you can still pay the bills, but there may be penalties when you don’t know your income and expenses with precision:

  • You may not have the flexibility to pursue opportunities when they arise.
  • You may be allocating too much or little to support your current lifestyle.
  • You may have anxiety about your ability to weather unexpected expenses and financial downturns.

On a personal level, you may feel reluctant to pursue opportunities for fear you won’t have “enough.” Or you may be overwhelmed by the time and effort required to organize and monitor your complicated cash flow activity yourself.

A customized cash flow strategy and streamlined organizational structure can help solve these issues for you and your family.

  • A cash flow strategy backed by data can improve your decision-making.
  • Liquidity and cash flow management services can save you time and effort.
  • Accurate cash flow data can help you optimize your finances

How do cash flow strategies work?

Everybody’s cash needs are different. That’s why we design our cash management strategies with your specifics in mind. Our goal is to give you the clearest picture of where your money is going and how much is going there.

We designed our three-step process to help you optimize your financial decisions.
Step 1:

We determine how much money you need to fund your desired lifestyle, and let you know where you have opportunities that might free up money for other goals.

Step 2:

We help you set liquidity and cash flow targets that align with your investment strategy and goals. You’ll have access to a suite of services to support and maintain liquidity, including:

  • Electronic Bill Payment
  • Cash Management Accounts
  • Security Backed Line of Credit (SBLOC)
  • SEI Liquidity and Bond Desk
Step 3:

We streamline, organize and monitor your activity. Our technology can condense multiple pages of detailed data on your cash flow into a one-page, easy-to-digest summary that compares your activity against your cash flow targets.

Consistent monitoring makes it simple to adapt your plans and goals as your life and priorities change

1Spending estimates based on SEI Private Wealth Management client estimates and cash flow data analysis 

Legal disclaimer: 

SEI Private Wealth Management is an umbrella name for various wealth advisory services offered through SEI Investments Management Corporation (“SIMC”). Investing involves risk including possible loss of principal.

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