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Member communications and education

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Trustees and HR professionals will know how difficult it can be to persuade members to be more involved with saving for tomorrow amid the demands of a hectic today.

Gone are the days when an annual newsletter posted out was the only tick in the communications box. At SEI, we make the most of the opportunities that digital technology brings to contact members in person, on the phone, and online to help to build a stronger connection between members and their pension pots.

Content, timing, and tone is key. We aim to be clear, readable, and relevant, so members are receptive at whatever point they have reached with their pensions.

Taking more of an interest means they will see more clearly what’s best for them at whatever stage they have reached. In particular, members over 50 may see they have a greater role to play in visualising what they want their retirement to look like.

Our open banking app, created in conjunction with MoneyHub, can help members take control of their retirement and current spending. It gives members a holistic view of their finances while also allowing them to see how much more money they might put into their retirement fund. The app helps members make smart spending decisions within a budget and lifestyle that works for them. 


Making full use of modern communication techniques—in person, online or by telephone—can help to build a stronger connection between members and their pension pots.

Making retirement easy

Our goal is to only share with members the information that they need, when they need it. From important investment concepts and key features to further reading and calls-to-action, we want to help members build a compelling picture of what their lives may look like after work.

And while there is still a place for a regular newsletter (we absolutely still send them out!), we include calls to action and imbed links to make it easier to carry them out. Our retirement support and communications are constantly evolving in line with the kind of experience members tell us they want – whether that’s information to read, a helpline to call/email or a seminars to attend – all designed to equip members with the information they need, when they need it.


This is a marketing communication. 

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