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Administration and auto-enrolment assessment

We’ve partnered with Capita, one of the UK’s largest third-party administrators, to deliver high quality administration, record-keeping, and auto-enrolment services to help meet the needs of employers and scheme members.

Our client service team takes responsibility for every aspect of the client and member journey, from meeting auto-enrolment requirements on joining to paying out a flexible income to members in retirement. Members have access to the latest tools and technology, including our interactive and transactional website and Mobile App, a comprehensive website and our dedicated helpline, Webchat, email and SMS services.

We provide intensive employer support through our client relationship management team. We also provide tailored and segmented communications to members and across specific age groups depending on where members are in their retirement journey.

Our administration capability means employers will have a dedicated contact from the point of setup within the Master Trust through to business as usual.


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