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Administration and auto-enrolment assessment

High-quality member administration is crucial for the success of any DC scheme solution. That’s why we’ve partnered with Capita to deliver recordkeeping and auto-enrolment assessment. Capita is the largest independent pensions administrator in the UK with 30 years of experience, delivering a wide range of administration services to pension scheme members.

We've partnered with Capita, the largest pensions administrator in the UK.

Our client service team, in conjunction with Capita, manages all scheme administration, including the provision of full assistance in meeting auto-enrolment requirements where required. Scheme members are provided with access to the latest tools and technology, including a comprehensive website and access to a dedicated phone line.

Your members benefit from:

  • A robust administration platform with state-of-the art quality controls
  • A dedicated and professional staff
  • An overriding commitment to client service