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In simple terms, governance is the act of overseeing the control and direction of something.

For the SEI Master Trust it means our Trustee exercises its powers to act in the best interests of all members at every stage of their retirement journey. This includes the basics, like making sure money is being received, invested and paid out to members quickly, efficiently and in line with regulations.

It also means keeping them informed of the key decisions they need to take at key stages and providing value for the members throughout. 

Providing ‘value’ for members is not just a goal but a guiding principle that drives the many moving parts of 21st century pension governance.

How does our governance support members of the SEI Master Trust?

Investing dispassionately: tailoring to suit your scheme

Default investment strategies are hugely important for the majority of members who don’t want to make their own investment choices.

The default drawback, for most, is that it tends to resemble minor variations of a model that has been in place for decades. In short, investing in stocks and shares before switching into less-risky bonds and cash ten years away from retirement, regardless of the composition, character or retirement plans of the scheme membership.

Many defaults don’t allow members to continue to de-risk through retirement. That can mean placing members in static investment allocations of bonds and lower-yielding investments at age 65, despite still needing to generate return for another 20-30 years whilst providing sufficient income throughout that will last at least as long as they do. Perhaps even worse are those that force members to transfer out completely to another product and default at retirement, exposing them to additional market risks from which their retirement savings might never recover.

We think that’s unacceptable.

So we design default investment options with an appropriate blend of active, factor based, and passive investments. They have identifiable objectives that give members the best chance of attaining their retirement goals and align with an appropriate risk and longevity profile. If there’s too little risk, their money may run out just when they need it the most. Too much risk and short-term volatility can increase the chances of members switching to lower risk investments when the markets are at their lowest. So we continually monitor and adapt the investment on their behalves, taking them to and through retirement without any need to transfer out. At all times they will still have the option to come out of the default and choose their own investments, or for their advisers to help do that for them. 

Governance at the highest level: tackling trustee challenges

Trustees overseeing DC schemes strive to do the right thing on behalf of their members despite an ever-increasing volume of regulation.

Most want to address this added weight of responsibility but can lack the resources, support, and time to do so.

And while some employers may still choose a Group Personal Pension Plan and place their scheme under contract with an insurer, the lack of Trustee oversight often means they feel the need to establish their own governance committee, with the many obligations this brings, to maintain some form of oversight.

Clearly, a master trust can offer more than just reduced costs through economies of scale. It can appoint industry specialists to take on certain tasks, leaving the main trustee board with time and space to focus on delivering the best possible service and outcomes to members.

This ability to enable the trustee to focus primarily on those aspects of governance that most directly benefit member outcomes, whilst appointing certain aspects of the Trust’s development to market leading independent specialists in technology, engagement and investments is yet another advantage of the master trust’s depth of resources.


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