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Custom investment design

Most members like the idea of choosing from some of the world’s best investment managers but are overwhelmed by the choices offered by traditional contract-based defined contribution (DC) solutions.

Our SEI Master Trust solution for DC schemes provides access to a diversified range of investment managers within a risk-controlled framework, ensuring sufficient choice whilst keeping the selection process straightforward for members.

Our manager selection model is a time-tested process designed to offer significant benefits to DC trustees, sponsors and members.

Our manager selection model is a solid, time-tested process that is designed to offer significant benefits to DC trustees, sponsors and members:

  • Manager changes are made within the SEI funds on the clients' behalf, quickly and efficiently
  • Specialist investment teams continuously research the market to identify the most up to date and effective investment techniques
  • Actively managed portfolios are designed to help meet retirement goals with the aim of maximising returns, limiting volatility and managing investment risk
  • Access to managers and asset classes that may be difficult to access individually is achievable through our scale and resources

The investment options available to your scheme members are set up to target your specific needs and member profile. These can include:

Customised Default Strategies. These lifestyle strategies gradually switch from growth asset investments such as equities, to progressively investing in less riskier assets as members get closer to retirement.  We automatically implement this glidepath as the members get closer to retirement age. In this way, the employee is freed from the burden of selecting funds from various asset classes, regularly rebalancing the portfolio and interpreting his or her individual risk tolerance.

Self-select Investment Funds. Our Master Trust solution makes available a range of funds from which the investor can self select, including passive and active funds across a broad risk spectrum, and the SEI Multi-Asset stability-focused and growth-focused funds.