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What we do

What we do

We help banks, broker-dealers, and large RIAs uncover their clients’ emerging needs and deliver consistent, relevant asset management solutions.

We aim to manage uncertainty by building a diversified portfolio, using differentiated building blocks, and providing access to some of the world’s best investment managers.

We can help you:

  • Uncover new opportunities for success

  • Create a disciplined investment approach

  • Build a scalable, long-term solution.  

SEI provides solutions that add breadth and depth to our clients' businesses, with a focus on active asset allocation, diversified investment solutions, and risk management. Learn about SEI’s customizable investment products. 

Information provided by SEI Investments Management Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of SEI Investments Company (SEI).

Neither SEI nor its subsidiaries provide tax advice. Please note that (i) any discussion of U.S. tax matters contained in this communication cannot be used by you for the purpose of avoiding tax penalties; (ii) this communication was written to support the promotion or marketing of the matters addressed herein; and (iii) you should seek advice based on your particular circumstances from an independent tax advisor. 

Investing involves risk including possible loss of principal. Diversification may not protect against market risk. There is no assurance the goals of the strategies discussed will be met.