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What we do

Wealth management technology and operations

A modern, fully-integrated, single infrastructure solution that powers wealth management firms globally.

Power the future of wealth

Our technology, operations outsourcing, and investment solutions help banks and wealth managers power growth, make confident decisions, and protect futures.

Wealth management firms face an array of ever-growing risks: profitability pressure, increased competition, regulatory concerns, rapidly evolving technology and escalating demand for seamless, customer-driven experiences. It's a complex situation that requires a unified solution designed to power your firm's business transformation.

Built from the ground up, the SEI Wealth PlatformSM is a unified, end-to-end solution that enables your firm to provide a comprehensive, modern and fully integrated advisor and client experience that supports front-, middle-, and back-office services all within a single infrastructure.

Integrating technology, operations outsourcing, and asset management in one solution, the Platform was designed to manage complex and evolving needs, operate seamlessly in global markets, and drive greater efficiency throughout your wealth management business.

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The SEI Wealth PlatformSM gives you the power of real-time, integrated information from the CEO to the end investor.

By simply logging-in to the Platform, Wealth Managers can access their client’s account, their portfolio, and all workflow information, staying connected to the Client no matter their location.

And when life happens, like a new baby or graduation, your wealth managers can react, making changes to a client’s account with confidence and knowing that the system will process the trades, flag and route any exceptions, and rebalance automatically.  

Hundreds of transactions are taking place daily across your firm and the SEI Wealth Platform seamlessly processes each and every change.

Your CEO can review performance dashboards, examine the firm’s growth and with one click they can explore business trends and drill down into client details at the household level.

The SEI Wealth Platform gives you the tools and support you need to power growth, make confident decisions, and protect futures.
Let’s Power the Future of Wealth together.

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Experience the power of the Platform for yourself. Explore dashboards for CEOs, COOs, advisors, risk and compliance officers, investment managers and end clients.

You don't have to go it alone

Leverage the advantage of a true strategic partner

Change is never easy, but today, doing nothing is the bigger risk. We're a long-term partner that you can feel good about, because our values center around building relationships that strengthen our client communities. We strive to help our clients achieve much more than a technology conversion. Together, we're transforming your business—a process much more ambitious, complex and far-reaching. 

We manage change with our clients, not to our clients. Keeping the lines of communication open and asking the right questions helps our clients experience not just how our wealth management solutions are different, but how we’re different. Our customized solutions are built for the long term and can be adapted to address changing needs over time. Our strategic partnerships with our clients are also designed for the long term. Their input is extremely important and helps us deliver best-in-class service every day.

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Powering the future of wealth

The definition of wealth is personal, and the future of wealth management is rooted in a personalized, connected experience. It’s time to break through change and transform your business for the future.

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Become an SEI Wealth Platform certified partner or an accredited client online. Our multi-channel approach to in-use learning blends classroom and distributed online learning.

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We help our clients transform their business, build scale efficiently, and deliver exceptional client experiences.

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