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What we do

Investment manager technologies

A positive investor experience is critical for your business to succeed.

When your investment operations are streamlined and your business is running on the industry's top technologies, you can transform your organization. 

We provide leading-edge, integrated technology that helps streamline and unify your business—designed to help put an end to the maintenance headaches of managing multiple systems and vendors. Our comprehensive investment operating platform for investment managers is designed to support all major asset classes and investment vehicles across diverse investment strategies and jurisdictions.

A total investor experience

From initial documents to final statements, a simple streamlined workflow that helps ensure the right information is collected from the start makes the investment process far less onerous and time consuming. Our technology and our team of experts work in conjunction with the industry's best tools to provide a smooth experience for you and your end clients.

Here’s how that process goes:

SEI Trade 

SEI Trade is the first step in the investor process. This patented tool guides investors through the form completion process, greatly simplifying the otherwise complex documents.

SEI Trade offers digital document management, workflow automation, intelligent form completion, and real-time tracking and transparency of investor transactions. It streamlines and simplifies all steps in the fulfillment, transaction, and on-boarding processes, reducing errors and a tech-savvy experience for your investors.


Once transaction documents are completed, the data attributes flow to the workflow application and Investor Insight platform. This is where the investor is created and investor-level data populates Investor Insight, which retains their information in one location, helping to populate future transactions and reports with the most recent and accurate account information. 

Manager Dashboard

With so much data available to you, the Manager Dashboard helps to deliver information in a manner that is concise and meaningful by providing a single point of access to consolidated reports across all accounts and products.

End-Client Reporting (ECR)

Our ECR tool creates reporting packages on a quarterly, monthly or ad hoc basis—each containing manager-defined reports in a specific sequence, as determined by the investment manager. These packages are drawn from a library of standard and/or custom reports, each bearing the investment manager’s logo and colors and combined into a single PDF report, complete with a consistent look and feel, pagination across the package and even a table of contents with electronic bookmarks. 

Investor Dashboard

The final step for your investors is to confirm their transactions and provide their holdings statements. The Investor Dashboard is our proprietary investor communication tool, delivering to your investors statements, account summaries, legal documents and fund communications, all easily sorted, downloaded and archived in one place.