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Make your end-client experience a differentiator. Through an intuitive, easy-to-navigate, holistic view of personal wealth information, your clients can better understand their investments and progress toward financial goals.

Provide your clients with a highly configurable and intuitive interface that lets them customize dashboards with the information that is most important to them. This dashboard becomes their personal landing page and invites rather than intimidates, driving deeper engagement with your clients and their wealth.

Allow clients to understand their exposure and risks with near real-time analytics, market value over time and performance information, explained with user-focused language and graphics that visually depict their personal wealth story.

Empower your clients with near real-time, goal-enabled options that allow users to track their progress toward each goal instead of focusing on generic benchmarks. In an innovative usability study conducted by Drexel University and SEI, the “progress to goals” feature was identified as the most engaging feature that would drive the most return visits to the site.

Give your clients a holistic understanding of their wealth — right at their fingertips. Allow them to make better decisions by accessing all household statements and documents from one central location. The Platform can be configured to match your brand, providing your clients with a seamless experience across your organization.

Put client convenience at the forefront of your digital experience. Right from their mobile device, your clients can track their progress to goals and see their entire wealth picture, in near real time.


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