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SEI Wealth Platform Certification for Consultants

As a strategic partner, we strive to help clients achieve much more than a technology conversion. We seek out consulting partners with the same mentality. Our certification program helps consultants identify meaningful ways of bringing long-term value to clients. 


Through our SEI Wealth PlatformSM Certification Program, we certify third-party consultants employed by sponsoring firms and pre-qualify them to assist in three areas:

  1. Implementation
  2. Development and testing
  3. Change management

Benefits of certification

Gain a competitive advantage. We will identify you as a sponsoring firm with certified consultants, putting you on a short list of experienced SEI Wealth Platform resources.

  • Increase and expand your consultants' knowledge of the Platform, making your resources more competitive.
  • Become part of the certification community of your peers, SEI Wealth Platform clients, and SEI.
  • Build relationships in advance of consulting engagements.

Certification requirements

In order to become certified, candidates must be sponsored by their firm and complete some combination of the following, depending on their specific certification:

  • An online, self-guided e-learning curriculum 
  • Onsite and virtual classroom training
  • A final knowledge assessment
  • A final telephone interview

A strategic partnership delivers integrated change management

Our partnership with Grant Thornton led to a strategic change management initiative as they adopted the SEI Wealth Platform.

Take the first step to get certified

Get more information about our third-party consultant certification, including fees and schedules.

SEI Wealth Platform Consultant Certification Program Curricula

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