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Taking the pulse: Let's talk VITAL

It’s time for some VITAL conversations

Erich Holland, Head of Advisor Sales and Experience, explains the five themes that will drive better client engagement.

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Your time is best spent managing client relationships. At SEI, our time is best spent helping you manage uncertainty. How do we do that? By constructing portfolios that connect your clients to a purpose and power more confident decisions.

As 2023 continues, we believe that five themes will dominate many client conversations. To help you remember those themes we've developed a simple acronym, VITAL, which stands for volatility, income, tax management, adaptability and low cost.

First up in our series, we are making the case for vital client conversations around volatility which is a concern for many of your clients right now. Join us as we unpack all five themes throughout the year to bring you valuable educational content that you can share with your clients and together we'll discover new ways to help power wealth, build community and protect futures.

Helping you manage uncertainty

We construct portfolios that connect investors to a purpose and provide investor education that powers more confident decisions. 

To help you manage uncertainty, we’ll dive deeper into five key themes.


If any of your clients tell you that volatility has made them more risk-averse, consider talking to them about solutions that help manage uncertainty and smooth the ride.



Some of your clients have likely experienced events that have impacted their income needs. Explore solutions that help provide sufficient income while maintaining discipline.

Tax management

If you have clients who are not leveraging tax-managed strategies to protect against future tax rate increases, show them how taxes can be managed all year long. 



Investors crave personalization and customization. To provide that, you need solutions that meet their needs—regardless of where they are in the wealth cycle.

Low cost

It’s no surprise that many investors are seeking low-cost solutions, particularly given all the choices today. But low cost doesn’t have to mean sacrificing compelling investment solutions.


VITAL material

Tools and resources for better client conversations.

Contact us.

Connect to what matters most. Learn how together we can help power wealth, build community, and protect futures.

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