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That prospect you’ve been working with for months just said “Yes.” Now what?

Digitally open new accounts in as little as three minutes.*

The days of sending over paperwork and waiting for weeks are gone. You could have a new account1 opened just minutes after your prospect meeting has ended, because the first real moment of working with a new client matters. 

Traditional account opening

  • Manual paperwork completion
  • Hard copies and wet signatures
  • Time delays and "not in good order" (NIGO) holds
  • Disjointed workflows

Digital account opening

  • Electronic forms and signatures
  • Reduced "not in good order" (NIGO) holds
  • Accounts can be opened in minutes
  • No training required—an easy step-by-step workflow guides you through the process

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We believe that technology shouldn't just create efficiencies—it should pave the way for you to have deeper relationships with clients, provide a highly personal level of service, and deliver customized solutions to help investors face the future bravely.

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Important information

1Not all account types are supported.

*Time to complete varies. Factors not reflected in this example include but are not limited to having all information available to complete data entry, entering data for new clients, entering data for multiple parties, and requesting advisor approval after data entry is completed by an administrative user.

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