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Innovations for in-plan retirement income

28 September, 2022

The SECURE Act and growing plan sponsor interest in keeping participants in their defined contribution (DC) plans have given a significant boost to in-plan retirement income solutions. Product providers have responded by developing a host of new products to fill this need.

As opportunities emerge in the retirement income space, collective investment trusts (CITs) are again at the center of many asset managers’ product development efforts. More than half of the new in-plan products hitting the market today are in a CIT structure. They are a natural fit in the retirement income space for two reasons:

  1. CITs offer a high level of flexibility that is important to the development of in-plan retirement income.
  2. They offer the ability to deliver asset management at a lower cost which is important to the development of in-plan retirement income products.

Our brief, Innovations for in-plan retirement income, addresses the latest wave of retirement income products and the future outlook for strategies that will drive the adoption of in-plan retirement income.

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