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The CIT Opportunity Series: part 2

10 January, 2020
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The current CIT landscape:

In the 2019 SEI paper, “Capitalise on the Demands for Customization and Collaboration,” we highlighted the strategies successful asset managers are implementing to participate in all facets of the CIT opportunity. Those include aligning sales and relationship resources to the CIT opportunity, building incentive and compensation programs that target CIT growth, and educating stakeholders about the merits and applicability of CITs across market segments.

The broader growth of CITs has driven asset managers into deeper partnerships and to new levels of collaboration with their intermediary and recordkeeping counterparts. However, amid these expanding partnerships, many asset managers have overlooked the potential role a trustee can play in a successful CIT strategy.

What makes a good trustee?

Download the full paper to read about the seven critical services a trustee provides.

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