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Wealth management technology and operations

Integrated bank and wealth management technology

Streamline your business with leading-edge technology through the SEI Wealth Platform―a single, unified solution.

Take your wealth management infrastructure to the next level.

Regulation, consolidation, and increasing client expectations are putting pressure on wealth managers like never before. To keep pace with these rapidly evolving needs, firms continue to bolt on new systems and applications to existing legacy infrastructures.

Maintaining these disparate wealth management systems and multiple vendor relationships is an operational nightmare. Not only is it costly, it puts a serious strain on your team and increases risk, as disconnected technology is error prone. Ultimately, your ability to attract and retain top talent is hindered and your end-client relationships suffer.

A truly integrated wealth platform, built on a single data architecture, can make your employee and end-client experience a differentiator.


Put your client at the center of your strategic vision. 

The decision to modernize your platform and consolidate your systems is significant. It starts with re-examining your profitability structure and rethinking your value proposition with a focus on creating a connected client experience. Aligning your technology strategy with your business objectives can give you the competitive advantage you need to attract and serve the next generation. 

The SEI Wealth PlatformSM is a fully integrated, modern platform and provides a unified experience that powers the entire client lifecycle. Information can be shared seamlessly across the entire organization—from executive management to an advisor or portfolio manager to the end client—making your end-client experience a true differentiator.   

of the 20 largest banks are our clients

Leading solutions, client longevity

We’re anything but new to the world of wealth management. For more than 55 years, our flagship processing and accounting system, TRUST 3000®, has been a leading wealth management solution in the market. And, we believe our next-generation SEI Wealth Platform, a fully integrated, single infrastructure solution, has set a new standard for excellence and client empowerment:

  • Solutions with proven scale
  • Over 100 relationships globally, including 10 of the top 20 largest U.S. banks
  • Process more than 1.4 million end-investor accounts
  • Decades-long client relationships

Future proof your business with innovative, adaptable and unified wealth technology 

We have continually assessed evolving market trends and invested in innovative ideas to keep ourselves and our clients relevant and competitive. Approximately a decade ago, we committed to design and build an entirely new, unified wealth management technology platform delivered through a world class global business process outsourcing services framework.  

The Platform’s web-enabled, customizable, cloud-based technology supports the entire wealth management value chain from front to back office. Embedded workflows, increased automation and centralized data allow you to significantly reduce your technology application footprint—helping to lower your risk profile and streamlining your vendor management process significantly. 


Careful thought, planning, testing and consideration lead to our key design principles:

The Platform powers private banks and wealth management firms globally. Our enterprise technology is designed to make your advisors more efficient and support the entire client journey throughout their relationship with you. It enables you to power growth, make confident decisions, and protect futures so you can deliver a truly differentiated experience. 

  • Front office services. We are continually innovating a set of tools designed to support each stage of the client lifecycle, enabling modern client communications, a deeper understanding of your client relationships, and complete alignment between you and your clients.
  • Investment management. Our portfolio management and performance service supports investment managers and advisors with advanced modeling capabilities and automated strategy deployment with the flexibility to support an open-architecture philosophy.
  • Middle office services. Minimize overhead, improve client responsiveness and assure proper internal controls with a robust, straight-through process workflow automation and administrative functionality.
  • Information management. More effectively manage your business with a comprehensive set of reporting, data management and integration tools that helps you and your clients stay informed. 
  • Back office services. Our scalable, straight-through investment processing platform is designed to support a diverse mix of asset types and end-client segments globally.
  • Platform infrastructure services. Get continual access for you and your clients through a highly scalable, secure and reliable processing environment that is built to evolve and grow with your business.

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Enterprise wealth management services for private banks, independent trust companies, large RIAs, insurance companies, and other wealth management organizations.

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