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What we do

Our investment style changes everything

When we track your portfolio against your personal goals, you can see actual progress toward the things you want most.

All your investments are not created equal.

Think about it: You probably have a more vested interest in maintaining your lifestyle than buying a vacation home. So why would you create a single portfolio with one set of risk measures?

We strive to take the best of modern portfolio theory1 and apply it to each of your goals.

Evolving from single focused to beautifully complex

Our multi-portfolio construction assures that each goal (whether preservation or aspirational) is assigned its own risk tolerance, time horizon, and return target. Your portfolio is constructed to help meet individual cash requirements, manage portfolio volatility, and optimize tax efficacy.

And we track each portfolio metric relative to each of your goals, as well as to the market. We measure actual progress—and the implications of that are profound.

Why it changes everything

When your portfolios are focused on achieving goals, you have the potential to:

  • Generate excess capital beyond investment returns 
  • Have more reliable income distributions to meet expenses or charitable distributions
  • Make better decisions using better portfolio data and goals-based metrics (like maximum drawdown and distribution targets)
  • Ward off emotional reactions to market downturns

Rooted in research

Goals-based investing is equal parts individual goals and capital markets. That balance is made structurally sound with original research, active portfolio management, and access to third-party specialist managers. Six investment principals guide us:

  1. Set a firm foundation with asset allocation
  2. Diversify wisely with active portfolio design
  3. Select and evaluate leading, independent managers
  4. Use active portfolio construction and management
  5. Actively manage risk
  6. Reduce tax impact

We merge your needs with our global economic perspective.


1 The modern portfolio theory (MPT) is a method that can be used by risk-averse investors to construct diversified portfolios that maximize their returns without unacceptable levels of risk.

Wealth insights

Smart thinking, commentary and research that impacts your life.

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See your wealth through a new lens. If you're like other wealthy individuals, you might be surprised at the gap between your goals and the wealth you've set aside to attain them.

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Legal disclaimer:

SEI Private Wealth Management is an umbrella name for various wealth services provided through SEI Investments Management Corporation, a registered investment advisor. Investing involves risk including possible loss of principal.