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Multi-asset growth

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For many defined benefit schemes, your key objective is achieving a Libor plus or absolute return objective in excess of the growth rate in your liabilities. To accomplish this, you are typically faced with a relatively narrow array of potential Diversified Growth Fund (DGF) managers.

We have an alternative to such off-the-shelf products as DGFs. 

Our experts can design and manage customised growth portfolio strategies to help meet your specific return and risk objectives.

Unlike DGFs, our customised approach uses specialist managers in each asset class.

Unlike typical DGFs, our customised approach uses specialist managers in each asset class, and we provide overall risk and portfolio management. That makes us truly accountable for delivering results, whilst accessing what we believe to be the best-of-breed managers in delivering returns and managing risks.

What can a specialist solution offer that a typical DGF cannot?

  • The ability to deliver against a customised Libor or liability-related return objective
  • The freedom to veto certain asset classes
  • A multi-manager approach that diversifies manager risk

We can partner with your investment committee or in-house investment team to build bespoke strategies designed to meet your particular risk/return requirements.

You get a total portfolio approach to investing, focused on the funding level, rather than a generic benchmark.

Let us show you how.

Is your plan truly working for you?

A free fiduciary management analysis (FMA) could be just the thing to get your plan on track to meet your goals. Get an independent, thorough perspective on your situation and the pension scheme's impact on the organisation's finances.

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This document contains marketing material about our fiduciary management service. This document does not represent impartial advice on this service. In certain cases, you are required to conduct a competitive tender process prior to appointing a fiduciary manager. Guidance on running a tender process is available from the Pensions Regulator.