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Multi asset credit (MAC)

Our suite of tools enable us to manage risk throughout the credit cycle.

As pension plans seek to de-risk from equities, many of you are considering areas of the fixed income markets to generate returns and complement existing liability-driven-investment portfolios. However, complex asset classes such as high yield bonds, emerging markets debt, structured credit and leveraged loans can also carry significant risks. Managing those risks requires expert knowledge and proven process.

Years investing in many of these asset classes

We can help.

We have invested in many of these asset classes for over 15 years. 

  • Our dedicated fixed income team has expertise across the fixed income and credit markets. 
  • Our fixed income portfolios target absolute returns utilizing specialist high yield, emerging debt, structured credit and investment grade managers. 
  • Our suite of proprietary and third party investment tools enable us to manage risk throughout the credit cycle.

What benefits can MAC deliver?

  • Potential growth: An alternative to equities as a growth oriented tool with potentially lower risk
  • Diversification: Including exposure to non-traditional credit and interest rate risks
  • The ability to target potentially higher return assets that have less interest rate security than an average core bond portfolio

Why you should consider working with us:

  • More than 15 years of experience investing in high yields 
  • Early investors in structured credit, particularly coming out of the 2008 credit crisis
  • Dedicated global credit team

Is your plan truly working for you?

A free fiduciary management analysis (FMA) could be just the thing to get your plan on track to meet your goals. Get an independent, thorough perspective on your situation and the pension scheme's impact on the organisation's finances.

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