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Running an independent advisory practice can feel like a constant puzzle. While online resources offer valuable information, there's something irreplaceable about connecting with those who truly understand your daily challenges. 

Community Connect is a fully integrated, digital forum that empowers advisors and their operations staff to engage with their peers, share stories and best practices that can help lead each other to success. 


Access a network of 600+ community members from various roles.


Ask questions and get real-time answers from peers within your community. 


Accelerate learning through peer and expert-led events. 

What community members are saying.

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Why did you join SEI Communities?

Thiago: Living in a bubble was difficult to understand how other businesses are running their businesses and being able to engage with other successful advisors allows us to grow together.

Ann: As independent advisors, you're often isolated, right? You don't have a home office where you go and talk to other people. So it's really great to see how other people are running their practices and get useful ideas and actionable information from that, as well as a sense of community, a sense of friendship and people you can turn to when you have questions.

How are the SEI Communities valuable to your practice?

Paul: I've had some things where I've needed help, and so I've reached out to SEI, and SEI's pointed me to a couple different advisor groups that I could talk to, to get intel or get information from. So I've made good contacts that way.

Rory: A lot of times as an operations person, you're in the back office, you're in the background, and you're really not getting that connection and networking opportunity. And I think that's absolutely crucial when as an Operations member, you are... critically thinking and problem solving every single day. And it's great to brainstorm with other people that are along that same track.

Meet the SEI Communities

What community members are asking:

  • "Which technology, tool, or procedure helps your firm excel at client service? Is it client facing or does it help support ops and/or advisors?" -Rory, Operations Manager
  • "What are your best practices, things to avoid, and technology solutions for teams working remotely? Do you have a pro tip that has made working remotely successful for your firm?" -Amanda, Relationship Manager
  • "As we are growing, I'm curious what tools you find to help increase efficiencies at the firm level?" -Craig, Financial Advisor
  • "Are employees within your Firm permitted to utilize ChatGPT, and if so, how are they using it (client communications, internal research)?" -Susan, Director of Administration
  • "NAPFA conference worth attending for an RIA? Been in the business ~16 years. Any repeat attendees in here that can validate the time to attend?" - Tom, Managing Partner

Community Connect

Integrated seamlessly within the SEI Advisor Center, Community Connect allows you to access the resources and network available to you when you become an SEI Community member. Want to learn more?

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