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Discover the Benefits of an Enterprise Wealth Management Platform

Many wealth managers have historically used retail platforms for their wealth management infrastructure. Experience tells us that the one-size-fits-all approach typically offered by this type of platform is unlikely to be aligned to their specific strategic priorities or their clients’ needs.

An enterprise wealth management platform can help deliver greater flexibility along with increased certainty and control that could increase the value of their business. There are a number of key differences and benefits to consider when comparing a retail platform with an enterprise wealth management platform:

Access to a white-labelled platform on which you own the client relationship.

In contrast to a retail platform, when you partner with an enterprise wealth management platform, you can retain total ownership and management of your end-client relationships. Recognising the importance of your brand, a white-labelled platform allows you to use your own branding with all client communications to help ensure an enhanced and cohesive client experience.

The flexibility to design your own proposition.

A configurable solution provides flexibility to choose the value-chain elements that you wish to retain and those you wish to outsource. An enterprise wealth management platform allows you to design and implement your chosen investment programme. We will not restrict you to predefined and limited asset classes. Additionally, you will be able to maintain the fee schedule for your clients without the prescribed fee schedule of a retail platform. This gives you the freedom to choose the method and price point you use to charge your clients, enabling you to control the margin you are generating and help increase your profitability. 

The ability to influence future developments.

Moving from a retail to an enterprise wealth management platform means that you become part of a smaller community of firms using a solution. As part of smaller client community, your input can help define and shape our strategic road map.

Achieving long-term stability.

In recent years, there have been a number of examples of consolidation amongst wealth management technology and outsourcing providers. A retail platform may be using another platform not of your choosing in the background, leaving you open to the possibility of being forced to re-platform in the future. Working directly with an enterprise wealth management platform of your choice can allow you greater long-term stability.

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