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14 August, 2023
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Bold leaders thrive through change. 

In our video series, wealth management leaders from the U.K. and U.S. share their perspectives and experiences on how to approach, implement and manage both the infrastructure and cultural side of change with an eye on the future.

Our contributors include: 

  1. Kristen Bauer, CEO, Laird Norton Wealth Management, on what makes a successful leader during times of change.
  2. Kevin Chorniak, Senior Managing Director, Bankers Trust and Chief Operating Officer, BTC Capital Management, on how you prepare for change and ensure alignment across an organisation. 
  3. Tony Hanlon, Chief Operating Officer, WH Ireland Wealth Management, on the five things to measure post-transaction.
  4. Justina Lai, Chief Impact Officer, Laird Norton Wealth Management and Wetherby Asset Management, on how to integrate culture and technology. 

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