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Could the charity sector pay less for investment services?

12 March, 2018
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With government spending in decline, charities are under increasing pressure to fill the void for people in need.

And with a backdrop of market volatility and regulatory changes, it's an even greater challenge to bridge this gap.

Where might charities look to ease the burden? Could a reassessment of investment management fees help?

Certainly a reduction in costs could free up further spending from a charity’s investment portfolio and redirect it to further aid its mission.

But is cost reduction possible? Our evidence suggests so.

Our paper takes a multi-faceted approach to identifying the fees paid by a cross section of the charities landscape to include:

  1. Evaluating the financial statements of charities from the charity commission’s website
  2. Analysing the fees charged by the largest charity unit trusts
  3. Analysing the fees that wealth managers charge to charities

We asked, "How much is too much?"

Our analysis shows that the charity sector could potentially save between £250 million and £288 million in investment fees. Find out how.

Download: Could the Charity Sector Pay Less for Investment Services? (PDF)

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