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SEI wins At-Retirement Solutions Provider of the Year

2 March, 2022
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This award highlights our Institutional Group’s Defined Contribution (DC) business, bringing to the forefront the investment we’ve made over the last several years to further prioritise members’ retirement outcomes.

Our open banking app helps members make better decisions for their long-term financial wellbeing. It supports the new pensions regime we’re living in now by having the pension pot alongside all your other finances. The app not only gives you a holistic view of your finances, but allows you to see how you might put more money in to help fund your retirement.

"We want members to live a lifestyle of their choosing, knowing they have enough cash to last through their retirement.”

This award also talks about our Flexible Retirement Options, designed in 2014, to help members manage their needs through retirement. Over the past seven years we have continued to develop our offering, and these retired members now have annual video statements, drawdown and annuity modellers, and of course, our open banking app.

“These innovations help members budget and plan their retirement”, says Steve Charlton, Managing Director of DC for EMEA and Asia. “We let members take money how and when they need it, at no additional cost. We want members to live a lifestyle of their choosing, knowing they have enough cash to last through their retirement.”

To learn more, visit our Master Trust solution, or contact us.

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