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27 April, 2018
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The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II)

In 2007, the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) law standardized regulation for investment services across all member states of the European Union, increasing transparency of financial markets, and standardizing the regulatory disclosures required for particular markets.  

MiFID II came into effect in January 2018, and is the cornerstone of European capital markets. It requires more transparency from banks and other financial institutions, taking into consideration developments in the trading environment and advances in technology.*
We voluntarily provide the following document types:

  • European MiFID Template (EMT): We use this template to disseminate information about our products, including a functional description of the minimum set of data for each product for distributors, to help them fulfil the new regulatory requirements. Download the EMT template (zip file).
  • Costs and Charges (CaC): MiFID II reinforces the existing reporting of costs and charges, and provides additional guidance and clarity to client investments. Reporting includes costs and charges for investment and ancillary services, advice, financial instruments; the method of payment stated, and details of any third-party payments. 
  • Target Market Assessment (TMA): The TMA template defines the potential target audience of each product, specifying the type or types of client whose needs, characteristics and objectives with which the product is compatible, its distribution strategy, and its costs and charges.

We have prepared the EMTs using information we consider to be accurate. However, SEI makes no warranty that the information contained in any EMT is appropriate or sufficient for any particular use or outside of the intermediary audience.

*Source: Investopedia