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Who we serve

Global and private banks

Operate seamlessly across multiple markets, while delivering a variety of choices to your customers

Customers around the world are increasingly empowered, always connected, and highly engaged. In addition, they expect their banking and wealth management experiences to be tailored to their unique needs.

Our extensive range of investment solutions can help you provide bespoke solutions and drive business growth opportunities.

  • Our investment solutions enable you to offer an institutional-quality open architecture proposition.
  • Our scale drives significant cost benefits to you and your clients because you leverage our purchasing power, manufacturing capabilities, and manager-of-managers implementation.
  • We design portfolios to specifically align with how you issue advice and meet your clients’ needs.

We offer a range of solutions including off-the-shelf portfolios, white-labelled strategies, custom-designed products, funds, and asset class manager-of-manager ‘building blocks’. All solutions are oriented towards helping you and your firm achieve your organisational goals, empowering front-line advisers in client engagement, and helping to create better investment outcomes for your clients.

We work closely with a wide range of intermediary platform providers enabling you to deliver a specialised investment solution to both clients and advisers.

Important Information

Investment solutions provided by SEI Investments (Europe) Ltd (“SIEL”), a registered investment advisor and wholly owned subsidiary of SEI Investments Company. Investing involves risk including possible loss of principal.