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What we do

Strategies and funds

Diversified, actively managed solutions to meet a wide range of investor goals

We think differently, with both multi-asset solutions and thoughtful asset allocation that goes beyond the traditional.

You benefit from our consistent investment oversight, and active management, all underpinned by asset class research and manager research. All of our solutions are designed to help maximize returns, reduce risk, and manage volatility. 

We offer investment strategies and mutual funds designed to help investors achieve their financial goals.

How can SEI strategies and funds work for me?

We design our investment solutions with specific client goals in mind, and they can be customised to meet the needs of financial advisors, institutional investors, and broker/dealers. 

SEI Mutual Funds

  • Asset class Manager of Manager and factor allocation mutual funds

  • With a range of multi-manager mutual funds, you'll have flexibility to design your clients' portfolios and help support their unique life goals.

SEI Strategic Portfolios

  • Diversified strategic portfolios seek to leverage the return potential of nearly all asset classes and investment styles and are designed to be used as a total portfolio solution.

Important Information

Information provided by SEI Investments (Europe) Ltd (“SIEL”), a registered investment advisor and wholly owned subsidiary of SEI Investments Company. Investing involves risk including possible loss of principal.