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July 20, 2022
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Core to the SEI partnership proposition is understanding our partners’ key measures of success and helping to deliver the solutions to drive that success.

Our innovative mindset underpins our collaborative approach to working with clients to identify their unique needs and co-creating bespoke, flexible solutions to support their business strategies, ultimately helping them to achieve greater success.

SEI’s comprehensive approach from discovery through delivering solutions has resulted in the development of true partnerships, many of which have spanned two decades. Key to the longevity and positive evolution of any business is the ability to deliver against strategic goals.

We have worked with partners in their quest to:

  • Own more of the value chain. Formally and fully own the asset management component of the value chain.
  • Grow and manage investment risk. You have a clear set of growth ambitions, both organic and inorganic. Our deep and extensive manager relationships ensure that as other managers may be  required to mitigate diversification and capacity concerns, we address those needs.
  • Transform businesses: Create next-generation wealth management organisations by leveraging SEI’s tailored asset management and wealth processing solutions across the globe. 
  • Develop stronger business propositions: Fulfill high-net-worth clients’ needs internationally with institutional-quality investment solutions in multiple currencies.
  • Improve controls and adaptability: Centrally control, manage, and report on end-client assets and activity to perpetually evolve models and to help stay ahead of regulatory developments.
  • Deliver stronger revenue: Improve sales and marketing capabilities to facilitate the growth of client relationships through enhanced investment education and end-investor resources.

Our partner solutions can be SEI-packaged, using our best thinking and delivered via our most efficient solutions. We also repackage SEI’s capabilities and best thinking with your brand. Solutions can be partly customized or fully customized to fit your specific needs.

Partner benefits

From the initial discovery phase through ongoing client support, our team members are with you every step of the way to help provide a remarkable client experience.

  • Technology. As a strategic partner, you will benefit from our risk management eco-system powered by best-of-breed technologies that we have developed and enhanced over a number of years. Replicating this is not impossible, but will take considerable time and expenditure.
  • Independence. SEI has no affiliations or conflicts that may unintentionally influence our investment process and specifically the managers that are appointed. We apply a consistent set of buy and sell disciplines from which your proposition could benefit.

Real companies, real success

Our strategic partnership with a leading financial advice and investment management firm in the U.S. started in 2015 and has continued to grow ever since.

Over the past few years, the cultural and strategic alignment between our two companies has laid the foundation for a true partnership where SEI has the opportunity to help the client rethink its business and offering, as well as support its growth ambitions.

We worked together, leveraging our investment expertise and solutions, to anticipate the client’s advisor and end-client needs, while working with the business to navigate the potential pitfalls of regulatory changes. Today, SEI is the only partner offering investment solutions available across the client’s entire platform.


Important Information:

Investment solutions provided by SEI Investments (Europe) Ltd (“SIEL”), a registered investment advisor and wholly owned subsidiary of SEI Investments Company. Investing involves risk including possible loss of principal.