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Portfolio Manager Experience (PME)

The SEI Wealth Platform's Portfolio Manager Experience (PME) delivers infrastructure that supports investment managers throughout the client lifecycle, automating administrative tasks that have previously been undertaken by client facing teams. Portfolio administration, management and monitoring infrastructure allow firms to efficiently deliver their investment best thinking, across centralised or decentralised models and on a local or global level.

The flexible system supports new growth, client types and propositions (models, bespoke, both internal and external managers and fund businesses).

Deliver personalisation at scale

PME provides a holistic view of an investor’s investments, enabling the advisor to engage with the client through multiple touch points. It also provides complex portfolio management including households and tax management supporting all major asset classes and multi-currency for processing and reporting purposes. PME allows our clients to recognise the specific needs of the end-customer and deliver a personalised experience at scale.

Event based in its nature, PME focuses on the experience of a portfolio manager and their working day. Developed by spending time with portfolio managers to understand how they work, we identified events that may require investment action as they appear, helping portfolio managers ‘organise’ their day and stay on top of accounts through monitoring tools that enable effective management. Without this, it can be difficult to identify accounts requiring attention, leading to a less effective approach to workflow management.

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For many wealth managers, the portfolio management process can be frustratingly inefficient. In fact, wealth managers can be challenged by administrative burdens that take the focus away from organic growth, how to provide personalised service without technology, the inherent risks of carrying out highly manual processes and lack of access to document tracking data. To streamline the portfolio management process and place the emphasis firmly on the end client, we've developed the Portfolio Manager Experience or PME.

PME utilises new automation technology to increase a wealth manager's efficiency and scalability. Specifically, it provides four key benefits.

Efficiencies. Use our technology to foster organic growth without the need for additional resources.

Personalisation. Balance your central investment philosophy with the need to accommodate for individual client goals and expectations.

Data. Improve access to data and review trends in real time across the business.

Oversight. Mitigate regulatory risk across your booking centers with international and domestic.

The PME solution is fully integrated in SEI's wealth platform, which is a single infrastructure technology that provides front, middle and back office services. The SEO wealth platform supports an end to end digital experience for wealth management organisations and their clients.

Contact us today to learn more about how our new PME solution can help your firm deliver better investment device, recognise your end client's needs and provide a personalised and scalable experience.

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