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Who we serve

Serving insurance companies in wealth management

Leverage the power of a single, unified, and flexible wealth management platform so you can grow, evolve, and keep up with changing economic realities.

Flexibility is not an option—it’s a necessity.

Insurance companies come in many sizes, but all are vulnerable to economic variability and increased regulation. Shifts in the economy might require consolidation or a new partnership with a trust company, RIA, or broker-dealer. Staying on top of risk management through changing vendors, partners, and mergers is an ever-present concern. The flexibility to accommodate change is a necessity.

The SEI Wealth PlatformSM is an integrated, unified, and comprehensive solution built to accommodate future growth, scale, and broadening product lines. It’s a combination of technology, operations, and asset management from an experienced, financially sound, and dedicated partner, who: 

  • Takes time to deeply understand your business and where it needs to go in the future
  • Builds a flexible solution that’s both scalable and stable, to meet your varied and changing needs
50+ years
in wealth management technology
30+ years
in wealth management operations

And with a history of innovation in wealth management, our credibility helps build yours.

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Learn more about the SEI Wealth Platform

Built from the ground up, the SEI Wealth Platform is truly an end-to-end solution — a modern, fully-integrated, single infrastructure solution that supports front-, middle-, and back-office services.

Services provided by SEI through its affiliates and subsidiaries.