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SEI Liquid Alternative Fund

This is a marketing communication. For Professional Investors only. Not suitable for Retail Clients. Please refer to the SGMF Fund Prospectus for this UCITS Fund and the KIID before making an investment decision. Currency fluctuations may cause returns to increase or decrease.

Launched in 2015, the SEI Liquid Alternative Fund is a daily dealing UCITS fund that was built to enhance the risk/return profile of SEI’s institutional and private client multi-asset portfolios. SEI selected Dynamic Beta investments (DBi) as the Fund’s sub-advisor. Since 2007, DBi’s singular mission has been to develop the most effective ways to deliver the diversification benefits of leading hedge funds with reasonable fees, daily liquidity, less downside risk and full transparency.

Our mission

We seek to extract diversified sources of alpha from hedge funds and deliver them in a low-cost daily liquid UCITS vehicle. The objective of the Fund is to achieve long-term capital appreciation by implementing a strategy that seeks to approximate the returns of a model portfolio of funds (the “Composite”) that employ alternative investment strategies, constructed by the Investment Adviser. The Fund is suitable for investors seeking long term capital growth and who are willing to accept a moderate level of volatility. The Fund will invest primarily in financial derivative investments. The Fund is actively managed and is not managed in reference to any benchmark index. An investment in the Fund should not be a substantial part of an investor's portfolio and may not be appropriate for all investors. 

Investment strategy

The strategy aims to replicate the pre-fee returns of a portfolio of leading hedge funds in the Equity Long/Short, Relative Value, Event Driven and Managed Futures categories using sophisticated, proprietary, multi-factor models. Key components of this strategic investment approach include:

  • A factor-based approach 
    Replication models are “factor-based” and seek to identify core drivers of pre-fee performance across equity, rates, and currencies.
  • No direct investment in hedge funds
    The Fund invests only in highly liquid futures for efficiency and to minimize trading costs and asset-liability mismatches.
  • A combination of multiple models
    Each model is geared to the specific characteristics (portfolio turnover speed, key market exposures, etc.) of the underlying hedge funds.

Key features

Key features of this Fund combine to produce an award-winning investment opportunity for advisers and, in turn, your clients. These include:

  • Seven-year track record
  • Multi-asset: Long- and short-term equities, currencies, credit, and rates
  • Multi-strategy: Equity Long/Short, Relative Value, Event-Driven, and Managed Futures
  • Seeks to replicate the pre-fee performance of 70 leading hedge funds
  • Captures some of the best thinking of the hedge fund industry
  • Predictable and consistent alpha generation through fee disintermediation

Historical performance

Since the Fund launch, performance has been consistent and positive. The chart below illustrates the growth and performance of the Fund, which launched in 2015.

Past performance does not predict future returns.

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Important Information

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Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. There can be no assurance the Fund will achieve its objectives or avoid significant losses.

Please refer to the Fund documents including the Prospectus and Key Investor Information Document (KIID) for more information. The Prospectus and KIID are available from Fund documents | SEI ( in English.

If the management company decides to terminate its arrangement for marketing the Fund in any EEA country where it is registered for sale it will do so in accordance with the relevant implementation of the UCITS directive (2009/65/EC).

A summary of investor rights are available from Fund documents | SEI (  in English.

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