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What we do

Unparalleled investment management and technology for institutional investors.

We have solutions tailored for you—whether you outsource your investments or manage them in house.

Unlike other OCIOs, we’ve created a continuum of services with flexibility to uniquely execute your investment and technology needs. 

Improve efficiency and strategic focus with OCIO

We act as an extension of your staff, focused on your long-term goals. We’ll give you dedicated staff, expert advice, timely manager changes, risk monitoring, and goals-focused reporting.

Ready for the next step?

Build your custom RFP with targeted questions. Develop your own request for proposal with topics that matter most to your organization.

Information provided by SEI Investments Canada Company, is the investment fund manager and portfolio manager of the SEI funds in Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary of SEI Investments Company. There are risks involved with investing, including loss of principal.