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Art meets culture

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More than 1,500 pieces of art from the West Collection are installed throughout our global workspaces. These sometimes-startling pieces from emerging artists challenge our thinking and remind us that ideas can come from anywhere—a philosophy that unites our culture and informs our services.

Explore the West Collection.

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Narrator: We surround ourselves with art to inspire new ideas and create a culture of innovation. The art is a part of the West Collection, an ambitious private collection of contemporary art by emerging artists.

Al West feels the young artists are like inventors, they’re trying something new…The works are intended to challenge and act as a metaphor for the corporate culture which conveys that ideas can come from anywhere.

AL WEST: The first thing that people tell us when they visit the campus is this doesn’t look like a traditional financial services company. We tell them, that’s because it isn’t.

Narrator: As an integral part of SEI’s workplace, the West Collection pushes the boundaries of what art is, just as we push the boundaries in our business. It’s a perfect fit.

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